To buy a licence for one of our product or ask for a quotation, please send us a mail to, or through our contact form.

Except for the GPL licence, a discount is possible for academics and public research institutes.


The different products you can buy from us are the following:


SFE Lite. A reduced version of SOFA Front-end. The one you can download for free in our site.


SFE. The complete version of SOFA Front-end. It contains support for asynchronous and multiple requests.


Server + API description. A server that can be connected and controlled through TCP. It comes with a description of the API so you can code a client using your preferred language and platform.


SFE TCP. A C++ implementation of the previous API. It does not link with SOFA and you need a Server to be able to use it.


The licence allows you to use our product in all your projects, even commercials, but you do not have the right to distribute the source code or the headers outside of your organisation.


The preferred way is to buy the source code of the library or of the application, so you can generate your own builds for your application. If you do not wish to buy the source code, we will provide you with two builds of the libraries (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, 32 or 64 bits at your choice). If you need extra build, we will charge you for an extra cost.


Note that for SFE Lite, the free licence only grants you the use for non commercial purpose.

Licence without codeFree5 000 €5 000 €5 000 €
Additional build200 €200 €200 €200 €
Licence with code5 000 €7 000 €10 000 €10 000 €
Code with GPL licence15 000 €20 000 €20 000 €20 000 €


We can take part in your project related with SOFA and simulation, but also those related to Blender, 3D rendering, C++, Python, … Our price rate ranges from 600 to 1000 € per day, depending of the complexity and duration of the task.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a formal quotation.


For inquiries, quotation, or for more information, you can contact us by email or through this contact form.

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