Digital-Trainers is a R&D company in computer science that offers its expertise in the fields of real time interactive simulation and 3D visualization. In particular, Digital-Trainers is a specialist in the SOFA simulation engine.

Digital-Trainers was created in 2008 for medical research. In this field, Digital-Trainers developed various educational medical simulators, both with or without the SOFA simulation engine. Having often worked as a subcontractor for public research projects both at the European and regional level, the company works closely with several research labs.

Digital-Trainers is located in the city centre of Strasbourg, in the east of France.



Since its creation, Digital-Trainers is a specialist in the SOFA simulation engine.

We have adapted SOFA several times to our needs or to those of our clients: optimisations, stabilisation, addition of new features, integration into an existing software, …

The aim of Digital-Trainers is to enable the use of SOFA for the largest number of projects.


Below is a list of some tools that have been developed by Digital-Trainers, or in which Digital-Trainers has actively participated. Click on the links to get more information on them.

3D simulation engine developed by Inria.

Front-end interface for SOFA, allowing it to be integrated into an existing software.

A version of the 3D modelling tool Blender that uses the SOFA engine.

Web client for a SOFA server.


We propose a range of downloadable materials that may be helpful for your projects.

In particular, we propose Windows binaries for the SOFA simulation engine, and a version of the modelling tool Blender modified to use the SOFA engine.


For inquiries or for more information, you can contact us by email or through this contact form.

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