What is Blender SOFA ?

Blender SOFA is a version of the 3D modelling tool Blender that has been modified to propose SOFA as an alternative physical engine for the Game engine. That modification has been made using the Sofa Front-end library.

Blender SOFA is currently based on the version 2.74 of Blender and is currently only available for Linux and Windows (a Mac version is scheduled).

This first version of Blender SOFA is limited to only a small subset of all the SOFA models. We will complete it gradually according to the feedback we receive.

What can I do with it ?

You can use Blender SOFA for instance to ease the creation of your SOFA scenes, by taking advantage of all the functionalities provided by Blender.

The main functionalities of Blender SOFA are the following:

  • creation of the following deformable models:
    • rigid,
    • regular and sparse grids,
    • triangular FEM,
    • tetrahedron FEM,
  • collision models based on meshes,
  • fixed point constraints,
  • bilateral constraints,
  • constant force fields,
  • constraints or penalty contact resolution,
  • iteration of the simulation in Blender,
  • export to .scn and .obj files, that can be read for instance by runSofa.

How to use it ?

The software can be downloaded from our website. We also propose a short tutorial explaining how to create your first scene. The examples available in the download page will show you more advanced functionalities: user interaction, external files, precomputed constraint corrections, … You can also have a look at our blog.

If you need help with this software, you can contact us by mail, or through our contact form.