DIGITAL-TRAINERS designs and develops medical simulators for the training and certification of health professionals.

DIGITAL-TRAINERS' gamble is to facilitate and encourage the use of synthetic reality systems for the training of medical staff. Indeed, unlike pilots who learn and perfect their skills on flight simulators, medical teaching is still done essentially directly on patients.

Several prototypes have been developed that allow realistic real time simulation of a certain number of basic techniques in laparoscopic surgery or various ultrasound procedures: prenatal examination and surgical procedures carried out under ultrasound control (hepatic biopsy, thermoablation, amniocentesis, ...)

To increase the feeling of immersion in the simulation, these simulators use force feedback technology, which genuinely enables the user to feel in his hand the contact with the virtual patient.

The DIGITAL TRAINERS project began in 2004 in the virtual reality laboratory at the IRCAD (Institute for research on cancer of the digestive system).

It has won several awards:

  1. 2nd prize in the SensAble Developer Challenge in August 2005

  2. Winner of the French Research Ministry's national Innovative Business Creation competition in June 2006

  3. 1st prize in European Young Entrepreneurs Award in October 2006.

Virtual Reality Surgical Simulators